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Welcome to Old Time Radio Legends

The Golden age of radio can still be enjoyed.. Old Time Radio Legends features the superstars and classic radio shows of the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s. Enjoy from a wide selection of Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Sci-Fi. Soap Operas, Mysteries and more!

Hear the amazing original Broadcasts of Abbott & Costello, Amos & Andy, Arthur Godfrey, Baby Snooks, Edgar Bergen, Mel Blanc, Burns & Allen, Blondie & Dagwood, Jack Benny, Judy Canova, The Great Gildersleeve, Spike Jones, Big Jon & Sparky, Stan Freberg, Martin & Lewis, Ozzie & Harriet, Red Skelton ,The Life of Riley, Our Miss Brooks, Milton Berle, Si & Elmer, My friend Irma, Life with Luigi, Honest Harold, Gasoline Alley, Goon Shows, Father Knows Best, Sam & Henry, Eb & Zeb, Bob Hope, Duffy’s Tavern, Bob & Ray, Easy Aces Lou Holtz, Sam Spade Blackstone, Boston Blackie, Dick Tracy, Dragnet, Ellery Queen, Carter Brown, The Falcon, Perry Mason, Gangbusters, Philo Vance, Sherlock Holmes, Fat Man, Dave Harding, The Saint, Adventures of Harry Lime, Phillip Marlowe, Johnny Dollar, Frank Race, Horatio Hornblower adventures, Adventures of Maisie, Bob Bailey, Black Flame, Jungle Jim, Hop Harrigan, Mr. Keene tracers of lost persons, Secret Mission, Steve Canyon, Passage of the Tangmar, Tarzan of the apes, Adventures of Sonny & Buddy, Adventures of Jimmy Allen, Candy Matson, The Cisco Kid, Fort Laramie shows, Gunsmoke, Hopalong Cassidy, Luke Slaughter, Ranger Bill, Roy Rogers, Sgt. Preston Yukon, Six Shooter, Sky King, Smiley Burnett, The Lone Ranger, Tom Mix, Wild Bill Hickok, Boris Karloff, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Escape, Frankenstein, Ripley’s Believe it or not, Zero Hour, Quite Please, Dark Fantasy, What if, Captain Midnight, Dimension X, Flash Gordon, Green Hornet, Journey into space, Mindwebs, Planet man. The Magic Island, Claybourne, Corsican Bros., Incredible but true, Silent Men, the Shadow, The Whistler, Orson Welles, Inner Sanctum, Molle Mystery Theater, C and D and Rosemary, Dr. Kildare, Ma Perkins, Mary Noble, Pepper Young’s Family, Couple next door, One Man’s family, and many more Classic Old Time Radio legends shows.

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All of our audio is .mp3 format and can be transfered to your computer or played directly from the CD or Flash Drive.


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Dramas & Soaps
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NOTE: Please realize these are old recordings that are not going to be the same as today’s digital recordings. Some portions may be missing or may have pops, clicks or hiss. Levels may be a bit lower but overall quality is good but remember these are old radio shows.

ATTENTION: All of the media are PUBLIC DOMAIN If you believe otherwise, please contact us with valid documentation immediately.



It's great to hear what it was like, and enjoy such amazing perfomances from an age of entertainment that had emotion that could captivate people with just radio waves through a speaker.

Mr. Huggins